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primary tet practice set
primary tet practice set
primary tet practice set

Primary TET Practice Set : Are you gearing up for the Primary Teacher Eligibility Test (TET)? Look no further! Our specially curated Primary TET Practice Sets are designed to elevate your preparation and boost your confidence. With a total of 5 sets, each comprising 150 questions, our practice sets cover all key areas including Bengali, English, Child Development and Pedagogy, Math, and Environmental Studies (EVS). Let’s delve into the details that make our practice sets stand out.

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Why Choose Our Primary TET Practice Set?

  1. Comprehensive Coverage: Our practice sets encompass all the essential subjects – Bengali, English, Child Development and Pedagogy, Math, and EVS. With a total of 30 questions in each division (15 from the subject and 15 from pedagogy), you can ensure a well-rounded preparation.
  2. Balanced Approach: The 15+15 formula in each division strikes the perfect balance between subject knowledge and pedagogical understanding. This unique approach ensures that you are not only well-versed in the subject matter but also equipped with the teaching methodologies crucial for success in the TET.
  3. Affordability: We understand the importance of cost-effective resources in your preparation journey. All five sets of our Primary TET Practice Sets are available at an unbeatable price of just 100 rupees.

How to Purchase:

To access these invaluable practice sets, simply reach out to us at 7551067843. Once purchased, you’ll gain immediate access to a wealth of targeted questions and expertly crafted content to propel your TET preparation to new heights.

Benefits of Our Primary TET Practice Set:

  1. Exam Simulation: Our practice sets mimic the TET exam pattern, providing you with a simulated test environment. This helps you get accustomed to the time constraints and format, boosting your confidence on the big day.
  2. Detailed Solutions: Each question is accompanied by detailed solutions and explanations, allowing you to understand the underlying concepts thoroughly. This aids in identifying your strengths and areas that require improvement.
  3. Performance Tracking: Monitor your progress with ease! Our practice sets come with tools to track your performance, enabling you to focus on specific areas that need attention.


Prepare smarter, not harder, with our Primary TET Practice Sets. Affordable, comprehensive, and designed to ensure success, these sets are your key to conquering the TET. Don’t miss out – contact us at 7551067843 and embark on a journey towards TET success today!

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Primary TET Practice Set : 5 Sets for Success
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